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The original printout has no feedback. The changes are sent back to the customer. The changes are added to the drawing, and the additional drawing steps have to be taken to incorporate them.Rapid feedback that saves time.You can quickly send a printout to the customer with feedback.Manage your changes, so you can create as many revisions as required.Changeable font formats:User-definable font formats:AutoCAD defines font formats based on the font’s graphics (character shapes) and not on the font file. A font may have many versions of the graphics, so this allows you to select the version that is easiest for you to read and write. You can choose between different font formats for your drawings and directly import them into your drawings.Base font:Font extension:Save text to PDF files:Read text from PDF files:Add or edit PDF files:Send the changes to a customer:Import a number of PDF files into a drawing:Customizable font formats:You can set your own font formats. You can use the AutoCAD font dialog or define new font formats using the command-line font format.To create a new font format, you first need to know the font format to modify. Using the font dialog, you select a font family and the typeface you want to define. You can then add information that describes the font. In addition, you can add to the font’s unique identifiers.In the text font dialog, you specify the font format for your font. You can do this directly in the text font dialog or you can specify a font family and font format in the command line. For example, to add the font format tft_cid to a family of typefaces, you can enter “tft_cid”.To add a font family, you can choose between Latin fonts, Asian fonts, CJK fonts and Hebrew fonts. After you have defined a font format, you can enter your font name and the format name in the font dialog.AutoCAD saves the font information in a drawing.You can also save the font information in a text style. In AutoCAD, you can define a text style in the text styles dialog. Here you can choose between two or more font formats. 2be273e24d

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